Jane Root, Executive Director, Provided Testimony on Behalf of the Wabanaki Tribes at the OVC and OVW Tribal Consultation in New Buffalo, Michigan

The Wabanaki Women’s Coalition staff
attended the 2019 Department of Justice Office
on Violence Against Women Government-to-
Government Tribal Consultation that was held
August 21-22, 2019 in New Buffalo, Michigan.
Jane Root, Executive Director, was authorized
by all five (5) Wabanaki Chiefs to provide
written and oral testimony on behalf of the
Tribes. The OVW Consultation was preceded by
an OVC (Office for Victims of Crime) Tribal
Consultation which was held on August 20,
2019. Jane Root also provided testimony at the
OVC Consultation on behalf of the Wabanaki Tribes.

Wabanaki Testimony – OVC Consultation 2019

Wabanaki Testimony – OVW Consultation 2019