Domestic Violence Day at the State House

WWC table at Domestic Violence Day

On February 20, 2018 the Wabanaki Women’s Coalition (WWC) participated in Domestic Violence Day at the State House. The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, its member organizations, and the Wabanaki Women’s Coalition were together in the Hall of Flags, talking with policy makers about how we connect with people affected by abuse in our communities.

The theme this year was “Through Our Doors,” and attendees got really creative, illustrating the many doors that lead to their services. Some of the key points discussed throughout the day included:

  • There are many “doors” through which people connect with our services;
  • Those doors are interconnected;
  • The needs of the people with whom we work are complex and multi-layered. Our method of connecting folks—no matter through which door they come—to as many other doors as possible, is an efficient and effective way to address their needs;
  • If we close any of the doors, we have a ripple effect on people accessing other services and sources of help.

The event was well attended by legislators and other guests. We look forward to participating again next year!